Introducing the world’s first education for online coaches

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Join the world's first certified education for online coaches with a holistic approach covering physical, mental, and social aspects of health.

All courses are accredited by EREPS and Europe Active, the European Center of Health Education Accreditation — to ensure a quality learning experience.

Enroll exclusively now as a Lenus coach and become one of the first to embrace the new era of health coaching.

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Certification in:
Introduction to Holistic Health
Online Health Coaching
Coach Self-care
Physical Activity
Sleep & Recovery
Healthy Eating Habits & Eating Disorders
Mental Well-being
Social Health
Chronic Lifestyle Diseases

Health Coach Education

Enroll in a hybrid and community-based education with like-minded coaches.

In a live session, get introduced to the education and meet coaches on the same journey
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Base courses
Specialized courses
Introduction to Holistic Health
Online Health Coaching
Coach Self-Care
Join a live sessions for experts' insights and discussion
Physical Activity
Sleep & Recovery
Healthy Eating Habits & Eating Disorders
Mental Well-being
Social Health
Chronic Lifestyle Diseases
Attend a final live session and graduation celebration to conclude your learning journey

The education period runs for three months and you can join the live session online or at one of our 11 offices with fellow peers. All courses are self-study based at your own pace.

A holistic feature from the Lenus platform

Unlock new holistic features on your platform

Be among the first to offer holistic coaching to your clients.
Tap into the importance of the interdependent space between nutrition, movement, rest, mind and social health, essential to human well-being.


Explore the full curriculum included in the education.

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Learning for the next generation of coaches

Experience an innovative and interactive learning platform with a flexible approach, designed for learning on-the-go

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The Vision

Human health is complex. We are bio-psycho-social creatures and our health depends on multiple factors, such as movement, nutrition, rest, psychological and social wellness - not to mention the connection between all of these factors. The vision for Lenus Academy is to create an education that will assist coaches in taking a 360 approach to client health, in order to create healthier and happier lives.

For a limited time only

Early Riser Offer

Be among the first coaches to access our Health Coach Education.
Right now Lenus coaches and their teams enjoy a special price.

Lenus Coaches

$4000 $1000
€3600 €900

Begins April 10th

Non-Lenus Coaches


Coming Fall 2024

*Offer is adjusted according to your local market currency, valid until April 5th 2024. Only coaches (and employees of those coaches) with a current active business relationship with Lenus are eligible, limited time offer, subject to change without notice.

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